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R\C Skydiving

Skydiver Transmitter Stick Conversion Brackets

Skydiver Transmitter Stick Conversion Brackets

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In R/C Skydiving you need to have the full movement of the transmitter sticks, so we usually tie them to the top with rubber bands wrapped around the gimbal sticks. This works but kind of crude and sometime cumbersome, depends on how you hold the sticks. One of our customers came up with these little brackets to install on your sticks to have a place to hook the rubber band to. This opens up the sticks for flyers who pinch the sticks. This not only gives you a place to hook the rubber band, but it also limits the stick to only up and down motion, like we use in R/C Skydiving. We will include 1 right and 1 left bracket, along with 24'' of black elastic cord. This elastic cord even makes it smoother, and it doesn't dry out and break like rubber bands do. These are universal and have fit all the transmitters we have tried that have removable stick ends. Transmitter NOT Included.


1 - Remove the stick ends and the lower lock nut

2 - Install the proper bracket, rubber band slot goes towards the inside and slot faces down

3 - install the lock nut to hold the bracket in place, do not overtighten, just enough to hold in place.

4 - Install stick ends 

5 - tie a knot in one end of the elastic, trim the elastic close to the knot. Slip this end in one of the brackets.

6 - Route the elastic around the top of the radio to hold the stick to the top of the travel. No need to stretch the elastic much at all, just enough to hold the sticks at the top.

7 - Measure the elastic down to the other bracket and tie another knot, trim and install.

8 - Make sure both sticks move full throw and smoothly.

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