How to Order a Custom Parachute

If you are looking to order a custom chute in the colors of your choice, please read this and follow instructions so we get exactly what you want.

NOTE: Custom chutes are non-returnable for anything other than defects in manufacturing. We will fix issue and return, no refunds.

There are 7 cells in a chute, each one can be a different color, or all the same. We have a picture below numbering the cells. Also pictures below show all the different colors you can pick from.

First add the Custom Hangtime (or Micro) Parachute to your shopping cart, and complete checkout.

Next Send us an email after you order listing colors per cell number.


Cell #1 - Red

Cell #2 - Black

Cell #3 - Red

Cell #4 - White

Cell #5 - White

Cell #6 - Red

Cell #7 - Black