About Us

Radio controlled skydiving was a passion of mine since I was a little boy. I saw plans in a very old RCModeler magazine and got the desire immediately. I did not act on this until I was an adult and had been into model airplanes for many years. We started with plans on the market and sewed our own chute to these plans. Needless to say, we went through years of development and many dirt dives destroying the diver. By the time we got a working skydiver I realized it was my own design and no longer resembled where we had started. We manufactured these for a few of our friends and then one thing led to another. After a year or so we developed the Ultimate Hangtime Skydiver, our best design to date. This skydiver proved itself to be very highly competitive in the contest we attended. We decided to share this skydiver with the world and started manufacturing them.

They are 100% designed by me and completely manufactured in the United States. We use only the best materials and highest level of manufacturing. We use zero porosity ripstop nylon used in full-scale skydiving chutes. The jumpsuits are heavy grade ripstop nylon, as well as the chute packs. We offer a variety of colors and combinations to choose from. 

If you are looking for top quality and the best radio-controlled skydiver on the planet, look no further.