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R\C Skydiving

Micro Skydiver ARF Package - Stock Chute

Micro Skydiver ARF Package - Stock Chute

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This is a complete ARF (almost ready to fly) Micro Skydiver Package. With options on this page, you can add parts to get the package to a bind and fly statice.

The Micro Skydiver performs much bigger than he is. Many years of research and development went into this skydiver. He is fully capable of freefall flight and then releasing the chute on command. Once the chute is fully inflated the skydiver can twist and turn to your commands. Once it's time to land you can bring him in for a nice slow, smooth, pinpoint landing. He can be taken aloft with any electric plane or drone capable of lifting 10 oz. We sell a drop box made just for this little skydiver.

This little guy is made 100% in the USA by us. He is made with all high-quality materials such as zero porosity ripstop nylon for the chute, light weight ripstop nylon suits and chute packs. The lines on the chute are 50 lb. braided Dacron.

This package will come with the following:

1 - chute completely ready to install (stock color)

1 - 1 color jump suit to match your chute

1 - black chute pack container

1 - drogue chute color matched to the chute you pick

1 - thumb drive with videos, pictures, and manuals all installed

1 - full set of plastic with all painting completed, holes drilled, and hardware included.

You can upgrade this package any way you prefer with the options we provide you.

Specs on the skydiver:

- He's 9'' tall

- weighs 10 oz. ready to jump

- chute span is approx. 33"

Parts needed to complete:

2 - Hitec HS82MG servos

1 - Micro receiver

1 - battery pack

and common hobby tools medium skills

We have many chutes in stock to choose from for immediate shipping.

"Stock Color" - we will carry these in stock until further notice.

"Limited Color" - when these are gone, they are gone, we will not duplicate.

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