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Industrial Hangtime Ultimate Custom Parachute

Industrial Hangtime Ultimate Custom Parachute

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This is an Industrial Ultimate Hangtime Parachute only.

This one you can custom order in your colors, Please refer to "How to Order a Custom Chute" for instructions after ordering.

This chute was very popular with colleges and people wanting to do more than radio-controlled skydiving. I know some off the users were doing autonomous flight (auto-pilot).

This chute is a heavy duty version of our Hangtime Ultimate Parachute. This version has a double hemmed and double stitched leading edge. We have also installed high strength ribbing material for the line attached points. This chute needs about 3 pounds of payload to fly correctly. It has roughly a 61'' wingspan and is made of zero porosity ripstop nylon material. All the lines are 50lb. braided Dacron. Risers are nylon ribbon material that is very strong. It will come with a stationary slider installed. Pilot chutes are sold separately. 

Because this is a custom chute to your colors, there will be an approximate 2 to 3 week lead-time.

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