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Hangtime Ulitmate Skydiver Package - Stock Chute

Hangtime Ulitmate Skydiver Package - Stock Chute

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Our Hangtime Ultimate Skydiver is a fully competitive skydiver. He is fully capable of stable freefall and releasing parachute on command. He is large enough to see him at high altitudes. He is very maneuverable as his full-scale counterpart. With practice you can fly him where you want and then spot land him on his tiptoes. This skydiver can be equipped with a special chute pack (sold separately) to hold a flag that you can release on command and fly on the way down. This skydiver is very scale looking and will bring you tons of joy.

As with all of our skydivers he is 100% made in the USA with only the highest of quality materials. His chute is zero porosity ripstop nylon, used in full scale, and all the lines are braided Dacron 50 lb. test.  The jumpsuits are ripstop nylon as well as the chute pack. The skydiver himself is a molded plastic lightened by micro ballons for the perfect weight to make the chute perform like no other. 

With this package you can also choose your completeness of you skydiver. Options let you pick from Almost Ready to Fly kit all the way up to Ready to Fly. We even give you 2 options of Transmitter and Receiver preferences. 


Chute Span - 63''

Skydiver Height - 16"

Weight - 3 pounds ready to jump


1 - Hangtime Ultimate Parachute ready to install

1 - Full set of plastic for the body completely ready to assemble

1 - Chute pack - Black

1 - Jumpsuit - single color of your choice.

1 - Drouge Chute - color matched to your parachute

1 - Hardware pack to assemble skydiver

1 - thumb drive with videos, manuals, and pictures to help with assemble and chute packing.


2 - Hitec HS-805BB servos

1 - Mini receiver (example: Spektrum AR410 or AR610

1 - LiFe 6.6 volt 1600mah battery

1 - 3'' power extension cable

(All can be purchase from us)


1 - Hitec HS-82MG servo for flag release

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